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Low Temperature Biology of Insects

Low temperature is a major environmental constraint impacting the geographic distribution and seasonal activity patterns of insects. Written for academic researchers in environmental physiology and entomology, this book explores the physiological and molecular mechanisms that enable insects to cope with … Continue reading

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Biocontrol-Based Integrated Management of Oilseed Rape Pests

Oilseed rape is a major arable crop in both Europe and North America. It is attacked by unique complexes of insect pests still largely controlled through the application of chemical insecticides. Crop management systems for the future must combine sustainability … Continue reading

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Respiratory Physiology of Vertebrates: Life With and Without Oxygen

How do vertebrates get the oxygen they need, or even manage without it for shorter or longer periods of time? How do they sense oxygen, how do they take it up from water or air, and how do they transport … Continue reading

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Ant Ecology

Comprising a substantial part of living biomass on earth, ants are integral to the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. More than 12,500 species have been described to date, and it is estimated that perhaps as many still await classification. Ant Ecology … Continue reading

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Vector Biology, Ecology and Control

The control of mosquitoes and other insect vectors of human pathogens in an area-wide, environmentally and sustainable way is critical to solving global health problems in the developing world but also to industrialized countries that already have in place efficient … Continue reading

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The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells (The Virtual Laboratory)

The patterns on the shells of tropical sea snails are not only compellingly beautiful but also tell a tale of biological development. The decorative patterns are records of their own genesis, which follows laws like those of dune formation or … Continue reading

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Hands-On Chemical Ecology:: Simple Field and Laboratory Exercises

Hands-On Chemical Ecology: Simple Field and Laboratory Exercises, a premiere collection of practical exercises in chemical ecology, offers tools and strategies for understanding this young science. The exercises included use general principles and follow a simple structure. Topics examined include … Continue reading

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Biological Control of Tropical Weeds using Arthropods

Weeds are a major constraint to agricultural production, particularly in the developing world. Cost-efficient biological control is a self-sustaining way to reduce this problem, and produces fewer non-target effects than chemical methods, which can cause serious damage to the environment. … Continue reading

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Stem Cells in Marine Organisms

Do real stem cells and stem cell lineages exist in lower organisms? Can stem cells from one organism parasitize the soma and/or the germ line of conspecifics? Can differentiated cells in marine organisms be re-programmed to regenerate tissues, organs and … Continue reading

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Insect Pathogens

Investigation of insect pathogens is vital to the understanding of biocontrol and insect management within an ecosystem. Faster and more accurate methods of identification and diagnosis have become possible with the implementation of molecular techniques. Advances in genomics and genetic … Continue reading

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