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The Evolution of Matter: From the Big Bang to the Present Day

The Evolution of Matter explains how all matter in the Universe developed following the Big Bang and through subsequent stellar processes. It describes the evolution of interstellar matter and its differentiation during the accretion of the planets and the history … Continue reading

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Earth Materials

Minerals and rocks form the foundation of geologic studies. Excellent textbooks currently exist in mineralogy, igneous petrology, sedimentary petrology and metamorphic petrology. It is not our intention to compete with these textbooks. However, many universities have compressed separate mineralogy and … Continue reading

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Time Matters: Geology’s Legacy to Scientific Thought

Time Matters provides an invaluable insight into the background behind some of the key concepts we use in Earth science today. It shows the historical context in which these ideas were developed, the important contributions of individual scientists and thinkers, … Continue reading

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Electroanalytical Methods: Guide to Experiments and Applications

Researchers and professionals will find a hands-on guide to successful experiments and applications of modern electroanalytical techniques here. The new edition has been completely revised and extended by a chapter on quartz-crystal microbalances. The book is written for chemists, biochemists, … Continue reading

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Biosolids Engineering and Management (Handbook of Environmental Engineering)

This is a collection of methods of practical design, calculation and numerical examples that illustrate how organized, analytical reasoning can lead to the discovery of clear, direct solutions to pollution especially in the areas of biosolids management, treatment, disposal and … Continue reading

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Fuel Oxygenates (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry / Water Pollution)

This book deals mainly with the problems associated with the contamination of groundwater by MTBE and TBA, but ETBE is also considered. The book, written by recognized specialists in the field, is organized in sections covering state-of-the-art analytical methods, including … Continue reading

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Geomorphological Landscapes of the World

Physical landscapes are one of the most fascinating facets of our Planet, which tell stories about the evolution of the surface of the Earth. This book provides up-to-date information about the geomorphology of the selected ‘classic’ sites from around the … Continue reading

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Airglow as an Indicator of Upper Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics

The book summarizes international progress over the last few decades in upper atmosphere airglow research. Measurement methods, theoretical concepts and empirical models of a wide spectrum of upper atmospheric emissions and their variability are considered. The book contains a detailed … Continue reading

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Understanding Environmental Pollution

The third edition of this well-received textbook delivers a concise overview of global and individual environmental pollution for undergraduate courses, presenting students with the tools to assess environmental issues. With more than 30% new material, Hill assesses pollution from an … Continue reading

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Cloud Optics (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library)

Clouds affect the climate of the Earth, and they are an important factor in the weather. Therefore, their radiative properties must be understood in great detail. This book summarizes current knowledge on cloud optical properties, for example their ability to … Continue reading

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