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Adaptive Quadrature Re-Revisited

PhD Thesis of Pedro Gonnet on the topic of Adaptive Quadrature. ETH Thesis Nr. 18347 accepted on the recommendation of Prof. Dr. W. Gander, Prof. Dr. J. Waldvogel and Prof. Dr. D. Laurie.

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A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics Volume I

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The Geometry of Infinite-Dimensional Groups

This monograph gives an overview of various classes of infinite-dimensional Lie groups and their applications in Hamiltonian mechanics, fluid dynamics, integrable systems, gauge theory, and complex geometry. While infinite-dimensional groups often exhibit very peculiar features, this book describes unifying geometric … Continue reading

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Computational Commutative Algebra 1

This book is the natural continuation of Computational Commutative Algebra 1 with some twists. The main part of this book is a breathtaking passeggiata through the computational domains of graded rings and modules and their Hilbert functions. Besides Gröbner bases, … Continue reading

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The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1, Fascicle 1: MMIX — A RISC Computer for the New Millennium

This multivolume work on the analysis of algorithms has long been recognized as the definitive description of classical computer science. The three complete volumes published to date already comprise a unique and invaluable resource in programming theory and practice. Countless … Continue reading

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Applied Combinatorics on Words (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)

A series of important applications of combinatorics on words has emerged with the development of computerized text and string processing. The aim of this volume, the third in a trilogy, is to present a unified treatment of some of the … Continue reading

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Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Advanced Quantum Mechanics, the second volume on quantum mechanics by Franz Schwabl, discusses nonrelativistic multi-particle systems, relativistic wave equations and relativistic fields. Characteristic of Schwabl’s work, this volume features a compelling mathematical presentation in which all intermediate steps are derived … Continue reading

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A Short Course on Banach Space Theory (London Mathematical Society Student Texts)

This is a short course on Banach space theory with special emphasis on certain aspects of the classical theory. In particular, the course focuses on three major topics: The elementary theory of Schauder bases, an introduction to Lp spaces, and … Continue reading

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Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications

The theory of embedded graphs (i.e. graphs drawn on two-dimensional surfaces) always attracted researchers by its beauty and by a large variety of difficult combinatorial and geometric questions. For a long time this theory looked rather isolated. But the last … Continue reading

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Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations

From the reviews: M. van der Put and M.F. Singer Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations “This is a great book, which will hopefully become a classic in the subject of differential Galois theory. Although there is a large bibliography … Continue reading

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