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The African Origins of Rhetoric (African Studies)

Through a critical analysis of ancient African texts that predate Greco-Roman treatises Cecil Blake revisits the roots of rhetorical theory and challenges what is often advanced as the “darkness metaphor” — the rhetorical construction of Africa and Africans. Blake offers … Continue reading

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Historical Dictionary of the Zulu Wars (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest)

The Historical Dictionary of the Zulu Wars unravels and elucidates Zulu history during the 50 years between the initial settler threat to the kingdom and its final dismemberment and absorption into the colonial order. This is done through a chronology, … Continue reading

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English as a Local Language: Post-colonial Identities and Multilingual Practices (Critical Language and Literacy Studies)

This book explores how multilingualism involving English is ordered in post-colonial, globalizing societies. By placing multilingual practices at the theoretical center, the author investigates a range of sociolinguistic domains to demonstrate how individuals use English as a local resource alongside … Continue reading

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European Cities and Towns: 400-2000

Since the Middle Ages Europe has been one of the most urbanized continents on the planet and Europe’s cities have firmly stamped their imprint on the continent’s economic, social, political, and cultural life. This study of European cities and towns … Continue reading

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Constitutional Rights in Two Worlds: South Africa and the United States

The South African Constitutional Court has issued internationally prominent decisions abolishing the death penalty, enforcing socio-economic rights, allowing gay marriage and promoting equality. These decisions are striking given the country’s Apartheid past and the absence of a grand human rights … Continue reading

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Beyond the State in Rural Uganda (International African Library)

Ben Jones argues that scholars too often assume that the state is the most important force behind change in local political communities in Africa. Studies look to the state, and to the impact of government reforms, as ways of understanding … Continue reading

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Field Guide to Wildlife of the Gambia: An Introduction to Common Flowers and Animals

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Fabrication of Empire: The British and the Uganda Kingdoms, 1890-1902

During the 1890s, the Scramble for Africa created the new country of Uganda. This inland territory carved out by British agents first encompassed some 20-30 African kingdoms. In his magisterial new study, Anthony Low examines how and why the British … Continue reading

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Islam and Social Change in French West Africa: History of an Emancipatory Community (African Studies)

Exploring the history and religious community of a group of Muslim Sufi mystics who came largely from socially marginal backgrounds in colonial French West Africa, this study shows the relationship between religious, social, and economic change in the region. It … Continue reading

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M3 Medium Tank vs Panzer III: Kasserine Pass, 1943 (Duel)

“…the first-person perspectives offered by Kirby and K√∂hler put this book on my recommended books list. These personal experiences definitely stirred some interest for me to research more on the design, evolution, and field performance of each of the two … Continue reading

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