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Marie Curie: Scientist (Women of Achievement)

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Vector Calculus in Regional Development Analysis: Comparative Regional Analysis Using the Example of Poland (Contributions to Economics)

This work seeks to propose a methodological basis for regional development analysis based on vector calculus. Existing taxonomic methods are developed further in order to assess regions and micro-regions with regard to their socio-economic and environmental development. In addition to … Continue reading

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Citizenship and Identity in a Multinational Commonwealth: Poland-lithuania in Context, 1550-1772 (Studies in Central European Histories)

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Poland’s Threatening Other: The Image of the Jew from 1880 to the Present

In this provocative and insightful book, Joanna Beata Michlic interrogates the myth of the Jew as Poland’s foremost internal ?threatening other,” harmful to Poland, its people, and to all aspects of its national life. This is the first attempt to … Continue reading

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The Stalin and Molotov Lines: Soviet Western Defences 1928-41 (Fortress)

During the Russian Civil War, the Red Army created a series of fortified areas, or ukreplinnyje rajony (UR), which were to be used not only for defence but were also to act as staging points for offensive operations. Following the … Continue reading

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Medieval Polish Armies 966-1500 (Men-at-Arms)

The history of Poland is a fascinating study of a people struggling to achieve nationhood in the face of internal and external enemies. Poland became a unified Christian state in AD 966 and by the 12th century a knightly class … Continue reading

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The Soviet-Polish Peace of 1921 and the Creation of Interwar Europe

The Soviet-Polish peace treaty of 1921, also known as the “Riga peace,” ended the war of 1919–1920 and may be considered the most important Eastern European treaty of the interwar period. This deeply researched book offers the first post-Soviet account … Continue reading

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My War against the Nazis: A Jewish Soldier with the Red Army (Alabama Fire Ant)

The first to use Edmund Burke’s ideas to directly tie politics with administration. John Merriman Gaus is considered one of the founding fathers of the discipline of public administration. In addition to serving as president of the American Political Science … Continue reading

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Andrzej Mostowski and Foundational Studies (Stand Alone)

Andrzej Mostowski was one of the leading 20th century logicians. His legacy is examined in this volume of papers devoted both to his extraordinary scientific heritage and to the memory of him as a great researcher, teacher, organizer of science … Continue reading

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Polish Winged Hussar 1576-1775 (Warrior)

This book takes a close look at the origins and development of the Polish ‘Winged’ Hussars. Using many years’ painstaking research drawn from unpublished Polish sources, the author provides a rounded view of the training, tactics, appearance and experiences of … Continue reading

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