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The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

In this enlightening book James Boyle describes what he calls the range wars of the information age?today’s heated battles over intellectual property. Boyle argues that just as every informed citizen needs to know at least something about the environment or … Continue reading

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WTO-Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (Max Planck Commentaries on World Trade Law)

With the WTO TRIPs-Agreement, intellectual property issues has become an integral part of the world trading system. The Agreement probably represents the most significant and controversial development in world trade law. The Agreement is comprehensive in scope and contains standards … Continue reading

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Patent Law Essentials: A Concise Guide

Business has always been driven by ingenuity and innovation. Now, more than ever, with an economy built on knowledge, work, and intangible value, developing—and protecting—intellectual property is vital for individuals and organizations alike. This book presents a brief but thorough … Continue reading

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Driving Innovation: Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World

Driving Innovation reveals the dynamics of intellectual property (IP) as it drives the innovation cycle and shapes global society. The book presents fundamental IP concepts and practical legal and business strategies that apply broadly to all innovation communities, including industry, … Continue reading

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Mergers and Acquisitions: A Step-by-Step Legal and Practical Guide

Praise for Mergers and Acquisitions “Buyers and sellers both hope to be winners in an acquisition. But at the negotiating table, there is only one winner for each point and winning may mean a significant change in the deal economics. … Continue reading

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Against Intellectual Monopoly

“Intellectual property” – patents and copyrights – have become controversial. We witness teenagers being sued for “pirating” music – and we observe AIDS patients in Africa dying due to lack of ability to pay for drugs that are high priced … Continue reading

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Redefining Sovereignty in International Economic Law (Studies in International Trade Law)

The concept of state sovereignty is increasingly challenged by a proliferation of international economic instruments and major international economic institutions. States from both the south and north are re-examining and debating the extent to which they should cede control over … Continue reading

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The Complete Book of Business Legal Forms (with CD) (Legal Survival Guides)

Complete Set of Legal Forms FOR YOUR BUSINESS Obtaining the right legal forms can cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but using incomplete or poorly-drafted forms can cost you your business. With a good starting point and an … Continue reading

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Theoretical Foundations of Law and Economics

The economic approach to law, or “law and economics,” is by far the most successful application of basic economic principles to another scholarly field, but most of the critical appraisal of the field has been scattered among law reviews and … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property and Biotechnology: Biological Inventions

This book documents and evaluates the dramatic expansion of intellectual property law to accommodate various forms of biotechnology from micro-organisms, plants, and animals to human genes and stem cells. It makes a unique theoretical contribution to the controversial public debate … Continue reading

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