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Rationality and the Genetic Challenge: Making People Better? (Cambridge Law, Medicine and Ethics)

Should we make people healthier, smarter, and longer-lived if genetic and medical advances enable us to do so? Matti Häyry asks this question in the context of genetic testing and selection, cloning and stem cell research, gene therapies and enhancements. … Continue reading

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Information Discovery on Electronic Health Records (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series)

Exploiting the rich information found in electronic health records (EHRs) can facilitate better medical research and improve the quality of medical practice. Until now, a trivial amount of research has been published on the challenges of leveraging this information. Addressing … Continue reading

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The International Legal Governance of the Human Genome (Genetics and Society)

The human genome is a well known symbol of scientific and technological progress in the 21st century. However, concerns about the exacerbation of inequalities between the rich and the poor, the developing and the developed states, the healthy and the … Continue reading

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The Psychiatrist As Expert Witness, Second Edition

The Psychiatrist as Expert Witness, Second Edition, by Thomas G. Gutheil, M.D., is a highly readable and practical update of his successful first edition. The focus of the new volume is to guide readers to become, improve, and successfully market … Continue reading

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Water Management in 2020 and Beyond (Water Resources Development and Management)

Water is intertwined in the daily life of humans in countless ways. The importance of water as a driver for health, food security, and quality of life and as a pillar for economic development is unique. As water affects human … Continue reading

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A Litigator’s Guide to DNA: From the Laboratory to the Courtroom

A Litigator’s Guide to DNA educates litigators, judges, criminalists, students, and others about all aspects of the use of DNA evidence in criminal and civil trials. It includes discussions of the molecular biological basis for the tests, essential laboratory practices, … Continue reading

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Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law

The insanity defense is one of the oldest fixtures of the Anglo-American legal tradition. Though it is available to people charged with virtually any crime, and is often employed without controversy, homicide defendants who raise the insanity defense are often … Continue reading

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Methamphetamine Use: Clinical and Forensic Aspects, Second Edition (Pacific Institute Series on Forensic Psychology)

The first wave of methamphetamine use began in the late 1980s and its prevalence has continued to rise across the United States and throughout the world. As with any harmful substance, its abuse has far-reaching ramifications that go beyond the … Continue reading

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Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative Forensic Medicine

Introduction to Veterinary and Comparative Forensic Medicine is a ground-breaking book in an emerging new speciality. It reflects the increasing demand for expert opinion by veterinarians and others in courts of law and elsewhere on such matters as: wildlife conservation, … Continue reading

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Biotechnology and the Challenge of Property (Medical Law and Ethics)

“Biotechnology and the Challenge of Property” addresses the question of how the advancement of property law is capable of controlling the interests generated by the engineering of human tissues. Through a comparative consideration of non-Western societies and industrialized cultures, this … Continue reading

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