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No Escape

Teacher Isabelle Carson is grief-stricken, angry, and scared. Three of her childhood friends have died. The police say they’re suicides, but Isabelle knows they would never, ever take their own lives. Her past binds her to every victim, and she … Continue reading

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The Dracula Dossier: A Novel of Suspense

While taking an evening stroll through one of London’s most impoverished districts, author Bram Stoker spies a maddeningly familiar figure hurrying through the shadows. Little does he know that, only a few steps away, a vicious killer has claimed his … Continue reading

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The Secret History of the American Empire

From the author of the “New York Times” bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” comes an expos of international corruption. Perkins suggests how Americans can work to create a more peaceful and stable world for future generations.

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Douglas likes women – quiet women; the kind he deals with at the mortuary where he works. Douglas meets Marjorie, unemployed, gaining weight and losing confidence. She talks and laughs a lot to cover up her shyness, but what Douglas … Continue reading

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World Without End

On the day after Halloween, in the year 1327, four children slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge. They are a thief, a bully, a boy genius and a girl who wants to be a doctor. In the forest … Continue reading

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Murder in Jerusalem: A Michael Ohayon Mystery (Michael Ohayon Mysteries)

When a woman’s body is discovered in the wardrobe warehouses of Israel Television, Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon embarks on a tangled and bloody trail of detection through the corridors and studios of Israel’s official television station, and through the fears, … Continue reading

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

Basil Hallward, an artist, meets Dorian Gray and paints his portrait. The artist is so infatuated with Dorian’s beauty that he begins to believe it is the reason for his quality of art. Dorian becomes convinced that beauty is all-important … Continue reading

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Law Representation Early Mod Drama

This examination of the relation between law and drama in Renaissance England establishes the diversity of their dialogue, encompassing critique and complicity, comment and analogy, but argues that the way in which drama addresses legal problems and dilemmas is nevertheless … Continue reading

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The Broker (John Grisham)

In his final hours in the Oval Office, the outgoing President grants a controversial last-minute pardon to Joel Backman, a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years hidden away in a federal prison. What no one … Continue reading

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Tourist Season

The only trace of the first victim was his Shriner’s fez washed up on the Miami beach. The second victim, the head of the city’s chamber of commerce, was found dead with a toy rubber alligator lodged in his throat. … Continue reading

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