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Molecular Biology of the Parathyroid (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)

The unraveling of the biology and disease mechanisms of the parathyroid has taken great strides in the recent few years. Parathyroid molecular biology is the first book to describe recent studies and discoveries in the field in detail. Key topics … Continue reading

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Protein Nanotechnology: Protocols, Instrumentation, and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Leading experts in nanobiotechnology comprehensively review the most recent advances in instrumentation and methodology, as well as their applications in genomics and proteomics. The authors provide a wide variety of techniques and methods for dealing with protein functions and structures … Continue reading

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Calcium Signaling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

This extensively updated and expanded second edition contains new chapters on the elctrophysiological measurement of Ca2+ channel activity, enhanced coverage of confocal microscopy, and practical tutorials on two of the most common industrial high-throughput machines, the Fluormetric Imaging Plate Reader … Continue reading

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Electroanalytical Methods: Guide to Experiments and Applications

Researchers and professionals will find a hands-on guide to successful experiments and applications of modern electroanalytical techniques here. The new edition has been completely revised and extended by a chapter on quartz-crystal microbalances. The book is written for chemists, biochemists, … Continue reading

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Biopharmaceutics Applications in Drug Development

The highly experienced authors here present readers with step-wise, detail-conscious information to develop quality pharmaceuticals. The book is made up of carefully crafted sections introducing key concepts and advances in the areas of dissolution, BA/BE, BCS, IVIC, and product quality. … Continue reading

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Cardiovascular MRI in Congenital Heart Disease: An Imaging Atlas

The interpretation of MR images of congenital heart disease can be difficult without previous experience or formal training. This book provides insight into specific, pathologic conditions along with key MR and CT images depicting the pathology with a clear interpretation. … Continue reading

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Protein’Ligand Interactions: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology)

A readily reproducible collection of established and emerging techniques for studying the interaction between proteins and ligands, including biochemical/bulk techniques, structure analysis, spectroscopy, single-molecule studies, and theoretical/computational tools. Among the highlights are surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and reflectometric biosensor approaches, … Continue reading

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Comparative Biology of Aging

The processes of aging and death remain one of the most fascinating, and mysterious, areas of biological research. Huge anomalies between species raise questions the answers to which could have fundamental implications for the field of medical science. As scientists … Continue reading

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Signal Processing for Neuroscientists, A Companion Volume: Advanced Topics, Nonlinear Techniques and Multi-Channel Analysis (Elsevier Insights)

The popularity of signal processing in neuroscience is increasing and with the current availability and development of computer hardware and software it is anticipated that the current growth will continue. Because electrode fabrication has improved and measurement equipment is getting … Continue reading

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Molecular Genetics of Recombination (Topics in Current Genetics)

This work offers a fascinating insight into a crucial genetic process. Recombination is, quite simply, one of the most important topics in contemporary biology. This book is a totally comprehensive treatment of the subject, summarizing all existing views on the … Continue reading

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