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Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Sources, Fate, Effects and Risks

Following the success of the first edition, this pioneering study of pharmaceuticals in the environment has been updated and greatly extended. It includes the status of research on pharmaceuticals in soil, with attention to terrestrial and aquatic environments as well … Continue reading

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Handbook of Epigenetics: The New Molecular and Medical Genetics

Epigenetics is considered by many to be the “new genetics” because the realization that many biological phenomena are controlled not through gene mutations, but rather through reversible and heritable epigenetic processes that have opened up new paths for discovery. The … Continue reading

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Molecular Genetics of Recombination (Topics in Current Genetics)

This work offers a fascinating insight into a crucial genetic process. Recombination is, quite simply, one of the most important topics in contemporary biology. This book is a totally comprehensive treatment of the subject, summarizing all existing views on the … Continue reading

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History and Trends in Bioprocessing and Biotransformation (Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology)

Univ. of Hannover, FRG. Topics include history of modern genetics in Germany, biosynthesis of triterpenoid saponins in plants, enzyme catalysis in reverse micelles, and microbial sensors on a respiratory basis for wastewater monitoring. Includes free link to online articles.

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Green Gene Technology: Research in an Area of Social Conflict (Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology)

Also available online

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Mathematics for Life Science and Medicine (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering)

The purpose of this volume is to present and discuss the many rich properties of the dynamical systems that appear in life science and medicine. It provides a fascinating survey of the theory of dynamical systems in biology and medicine. … Continue reading

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Guide to Yeast Genetics: Functional Genomics, Proteomics and Other Systems Analysis, Second Edition (Methods in Enzymology)

This fully updated edition of the best-selling three-part Methods in Enzymologyseries, Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Cell Biologyis specifically designed to meet the needs of graduate students, postdoctoral students,and researchers by providing all the up-to-date methods necessary to study … Continue reading

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Management of Antimicrobials in Infectious Diseases: Impact of Antibiotic Resistance

Recent evidence suggests an increasing rate of antimicrobial resistant pathogens throughout the world. Pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus are showing substantial prevalence of resistance to antibiotics. Thus, we think that given these developments, clinicians would welcome an updated version of this … Continue reading

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Discovering Biomolecular Mechanisms with Computational Biology (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)

This anthology presents critical reviews of methods and high-impact applications in computational biology that lead to results that non-bioinformaticians must also know to design efficient experimental research plans. Discovering Biomolecular Mechanisms with Computational Biology explores the methodology of translating sequence … Continue reading

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Microorganisms and Bioterrorism (Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis)

The purpose of this book is to bring together, in a single volume, the most up-to-date information concerning microbes with potential as bioterrorist weapons. The primary audience includes microbiologists, including bacteriologists, virologists and mycologists, in academia, government laboratories and research … Continue reading

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