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Human Genome Epidemiology, 2nd Edition: Building the evidence for using genetic information to improve health and prevent disease

The first edition of Human Genome Epidemiology, published in 2004, discussed how the epidemiologic approach provides an important scientific foundation for studying the continuum from gene discovery to the development, applications and evaluation of human genome information in improving health … Continue reading

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Sauer’s Manual of Skin Diseases (MANUAL OF SKIN DISEASES (SAUER))

The best-selling dermatology manual for medical students, residents, and primary care practitioners, Sauer’s Manual of Skin Diseases provides step-by-step instructions and algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of all common skin conditions. Unique features include more than 700 full-color photographs; diagnostic … Continue reading

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The Practical Guide to the Genetic Family History

Helps you develop and assess pedigrees to make diagnoses, evaluate risk, and counsel patients The Second Edition of The Practical Guide to the Genetic Family History not only shows how to take a medical-family history and record a pedigree, but … Continue reading

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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a key technique in modern reproductive medicine. Originally developed to help couples who were at risk of transmitting single-gene genetic abnormalities to their children, the development of the FISH technique broadened chromosome analysis to include … Continue reading

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Essential Evidence-based Medicine (Essential Medical Texts for Students and Trainees)

Essential Evidence-Based Medicine teaches the principles of research study methodology and design so that the reader can become better at critically analysing scientific and clinical studies. It describes the basic elements needed to understand biostatistics and epidemiology as applied to … Continue reading

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Asthma: The Biography (Biographies of Diseases)

Asthma is a familiar and growing disease today, but its story goes back to the ancient world, as we know from accounts in ancient texts from China, India, Greece and Rome. It was treated with acupuncture and Ayurveda. As Western … Continue reading

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Handbook of Signs & Symptoms (LWW, Handbook of Signs & Symptoms)

Thoroughly updated for its Fourth Edition, this convenient, portable handbook is a comprehensive guide to the evaluation of more than 530 signs and symptoms. It has all the assessment information busy clinicians need in a single source. Each entry describes … Continue reading

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Diabetes: The Biography (Biographies of Diseases)

Diabetes is a disease with a fascinating history and one that has been growing dramatically with urbanization. According to the World Health Authority, it now affects 4.6% of adults over 20, reaching 30% in the over 35s in some populations. … Continue reading

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Discover the Oceans: The World’s Largest Ecosystem (Discover Your World)

From both a historical and scientific point of view, above and below the surface, this engaging guide brings the world’s oceans to life through fun facts, illustrations, and in-depth information. Interactive activities appear throughout, ranging from making solar stills and … Continue reading

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Decision Making in Medicine: An Algorithmic Approach (Clinical Decision Making)

This popular reference facilitates diagnostic and therapeutic decision making for a wide range of common and often complex problems faced in outpatient and inpatient medicine. Comprehensive algorithmic decision trees guide you through more than 250 disorders organized by sign, symptom, … Continue reading

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