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Autologous Fat Transfer: Art, Science, and Clinical Practice

The book covers all aspects of autologous fat transfer including the history of fat transfer, the history of autologous fat survival, a variety of aesthetic and plastic procedures of the face and body, noncosmetic applications of fat transfer, preoperative care, … Continue reading

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Nasal Polyposis: Pathogenesis, Medical and Surgical Treatment (Pathogenesis Medical and Surgi)

Nasal polyposis is seen in many disease states, including allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Since the quality of life for patients afflicted with this condition decreases, such patients frequently seek medical help. Further, the relationship between the upper and lower respiratory … Continue reading

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Snoring: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment (Otolaryngology Research Advances)

Snoring is a common symptom of airway obstruction, which is included in the spectrum of sleep-related breathing disorders. The manifestation may occur alone (primary snoring) or in association with other signs and symptoms such as rhinorrhea, hyponasal speech, cough, hypopnea, … Continue reading

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Surgery for Sleep Disordered Breathing

The new edition of Surgery for Sleep Disordered Breathing has been completely updated and enriched by the inclusion of various new surgical techniques. Further, since the question of which treatment best fits each individual patient has become a highly sophisticated … Continue reading

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The Neurophysiological Bases of Auditory Perception

The International Symposium on Hearing is a triennial, highly-prestigious event where world-class scientists present and discuss the most recent advances in the field of hearing research. The symposium focuses on the relationship between auditory physiology, psychoacoustics, and computational modeling. Presented … Continue reading

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Hearing: An Introduction to Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded

Brimming with more than more than 1700 references, this reader-friendly and extensively revised Fourth Edition will prove invaluable to instructors and students alike-providing a unified approach to the anatomical, physiological, and perceptual aspects of audition with updated chapters on the … Continue reading

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Endoscopic and microsurgical anatomy of the cranial base

This atlas illustrates the anatomical structures of the internal and external cranial base and their topography essential to transnasal endoscopic surgical approaches. Currently, the majority of transnasal microsurgical interventions are largely restricted to hypophyseal interventions. The petrous part of the … Continue reading

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Clinical Oral Medicine and Pathology

Clinical Oral Medicine and Pathology, is a clinically relevant and accessible resource for health care professionals that truly bridges the worlds of dentistry and medicine. This handbook of oral medicine and oral pathology serves as a highly readable guide for … Continue reading

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Oral Cancer Metastasis

Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity (SCCOC) is one of the most prevalent tumors of the head and neck region. Despite improvements in treatment, the survival of patients with SCCOC has not significantly improved over the past several decades. … Continue reading

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Dynamics of the Singing Voice

During the past decades, “Dynamics of the singing voice” has successfully been established as a reference text for teachers of singing, singers, choral conductors and organists, speech and voice therapists, laryngologists and other health professionals, psychologists and those in linguistics. … Continue reading

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