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Adsorption and Diffusion (Molecular Sieves)

“Molecular Sieves – Science and Technology” covers, in a comprehensive manner, the science and technology of zeolites and all related microporous and mesoporous materials. The contributions are grouped together topically in such a way that each volume deals with a … Continue reading

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Electroanalytical Methods: Guide to Experiments and Applications

Researchers and professionals will find a hands-on guide to successful experiments and applications of modern electroanalytical techniques here. The new edition has been completely revised and extended by a chapter on quartz-crystal microbalances. The book is written for chemists, biochemists, … Continue reading

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Solar Cell Device Physics, Second Edition

There has been an enormous infusion of new ideas in the field of solar cells over the last 15 years; discourse on energy transfer has gotten much richer, and nanostructures and nanomaterials have revolutionized the possibilities for new technological developments. … Continue reading

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The Physics of Solids: Essentials and Beyond (Graduate Texts in Physics)

Solid State Physics emphasizes a few fundamental principles and extracts from them a wealth of information. This approach also unifies an enormous and diverse subject which seems to consist of too many disjoint pieces. The book starts with the absolutely … Continue reading

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1000 Solved Problems in Modern Physics

This book basically caters to the needs of undergraduates and graduates physics students in the area of modern physics, specially particle and nuclear physics. Lecturers/tutors may use it as a resource book. The contents of the book are based on … Continue reading

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Nanostructure Science and Technology: R & D Status and Trends in Nanoparticles, Nanostructured Materials and Nanodevices

This is the first comprehensive study of its kind in nanostructured materials, formed by a diversity of synthesis techniques, and with broad applications. Interest in nanostructures has been building up quite a momentum in the various contributing fields, but the … Continue reading

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Modern Techniques for Characterizing Magnetic Materials

Modern Techniques for Characterizing Magnetic Materials provides an extensive overview of novel characterization tools for magnetic materials including neutron, photon and electron scatterings and other microscopy techniques by world-renowned scientists. This interdisciplinary reference describes all available techniques to characterize and … Continue reading

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Magneto-Science: Magnetic Field Effects on Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (Springer Series in Materials Science)

It is a dream of chemists and physicists to use magnetism, an important physical property of many materials, to control chemical and physical processes. With new manufacturing technologies for superconducting magnets, it has become possible to produce strong magnetic fields … Continue reading

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Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide

The Only Official Guide to the Parallax Multicore Propeller Microcontroller Written by a team of Propeller experts, this authoritative guide shows you how to realize your design concepts by taking full advantage of the multicore Propeller microcontroller’s unique architecture. The … Continue reading

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Surface Effects in Magnetic Nanoparticles (Nanostructure Science and Technology)

A collection of articles on different approaches to the investigation of surface effects on nanosized magnetic materials, with special emphasis on magnetic nanoparticles. The book provides an overview of progress in the field through recent results.

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