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The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture (Encyclopedias of Contemporary Culture)

With more than 700 alphabetically arranged entries, The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture offers extensive coverage of Japanese culture spanning from the end of the Japanese Imperialist period in 1945, right up to the present day. Entries range from shorter … Continue reading

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Japanese Respect Language: When, Why, and How to use it Successfully

Respect language—the special style of polite spoken or written Japanese—is involved almost every time people communicate with one another in Japanese. In order to learn Japanese an understanding of this respect language is essential. Japanese Respect Language outlines and explains … Continue reading

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Remembering the Kanji, Vol. 2: A Systematic Guide to Reading Japanese Characters (Japanese Edition)

Following the first volume of Remembering the Kanji, the present work takes up the pronunciation of characters and provides students with helpful tools for memorizing them. Behind the notorious inconsistencies in the way the Japanese language has come to pronounce … Continue reading

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Trilingual Glossary of Demographic Terminology: English – Japanese – German

This glossary is an up-to-date research tool for the study of population. Based on the technical literature in the three languages listed, it comprises more than 75 technical terms accessible in three directions: English-Japanese -German, Japanese-English-German and German-Japanese-English.

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Historical Dictionary of Japanese Business (Historical Dictionaries of Professions and Industries)

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Japanese for Busy People I: Kana Version includes CD (Japanese for Busy People Series) (Bk. 1)

Japanese for Busy People is the most popular Japanese language textbook series in the world. With over 20 components including texts, workbooks, CDs, videos and teacher’s manuals, it is also one of the most comprehensive. Now, a decade after its … Continue reading

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Historical Dictionary of the Russo-Japanese War (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest)

Through a wide-ranging introduction, a detailed chronology, a photo spread, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on military and political leaders, major battles and lesser skirmishes, tactics, strategy, weaponry, and the causes and consequences, a full picture of this pivotal … Continue reading

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Quantum Information: An Introduction

Recently, quantum information theory has been developing through a fusion of results from various research fields. This requires that understanding of basic results on diverse topics, and derived from different disciplinary perspectives, is required for appreciating the overall picture. Intended … Continue reading

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Drive Time: Japanese (CD): Learn Japanese While You Drive (All-Audio Courses)

Now anyone can learn a foreign language while commuting to work, running errands, or even taking a trip with the family. The new all-audio Drive Time series starts with an ingenious “On-Ramp” CD that eases language learners into Spanish, French, … Continue reading

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Kanji De Manga Volume 1: The Comic Book That Teaches You How To Read And Write Japanese! (Manga University Presents)

The comic book that teaches you how to read and write Japanese! This brand-new series from Manga University uses original comic artwork to teach readers how to identify and write the most common Japanese kanji ideographs. Volume 1 introduces 80 … Continue reading

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