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The Physics of Soccer: Using Math and Science to Improve Your Game

Whether it’s called soccer, football, or the world’s game, soccer is fun and has been deemed the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is about motion. Physics is about the laws of motion, and it can be applied to … Continue reading

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US Marine Corps, First Aid, MCRP 3-02G, Survival Medical Manual

US Marine Corps, First Aid, MCRP 3-02G, Survival Medical Manual PREFACE This manual meets the first aid training needs of individual service members. Because medical personnel will not always be readily available, the nonmedical service members must rely heavily on … Continue reading

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Eventful Cities: Cultural management and urban revitalisation

Processes of globalisation, economic restructuring and urban redevelopment have placed events at the centre of strategies for change in cities. Events offer the potential to achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes within broader urban development strategies. This volume: * … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: Peak Nutrition for Your Sport

A substantially revised and updated edition of the highly respected guide to using nutrition as an integrated part of an athlete’s total performance-enhancing package Whatever the sport, it is essential for an athlete to have his or her body working … Continue reading

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Close Quarters Battle: Hand to hand combat, Robbery, Prison escape, Urban warfare, Machine gun, Mortar (weapon), Grenade launcher, Guerrilla warfare, Knife fight, Krav Maga

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or close quarters combat (CQC) is a type of fighting in which small units engage the enemy with personal weapons at very short range, potentially to the point of hand-to-hand combat. In the typical CQB scenario, … Continue reading

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Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports

Nothing is quite as thrilling as watching superior athletes do the seemingly impossible. From Doug Flutie’s “Hail Mary” pass to Lance Armstrong’s record-breaking climb of Alp d’Huez to David Beckham’s astounding ability to bend a soccer kick, we marvel and … Continue reading

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Golfing with Your Eyes Closed: Mastering Visualization Techniques for Exceptional Golf

The body achieves what the mind believes . . . Visualize yourself on the green. Smell the freshly mown grass, feel the leather grip in your hands, see the ball sinking into the hole. Mental rehearsal like this is used … Continue reading

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Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries with Web Resource-3rd Edition (Athletic Training Education Series)

The third edition of Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries assists both current and future rehabilitation professionals in recognizing musculoskeletal injuries, performing musculoskeletal examinations of athletic injuries, and evaluating if and when to refer clients to a physician’s care. The text will … Continue reading

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Coaching Volleyball For Dummies

Your hands-on guide to coaching youth volleyball Have you been asked to coach a youth volleyball team? This friendly, practical guide helps you grasp the basics and take charge on the court. You get expert advice on teaching key skills … Continue reading

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The Sailor’s Book of Small Cruising Sailboats: Reviews and Comparisons of 360 Boats Under 26 Feet

For the first time ever, a comparative survey of 95 percent of the fiberglass pocketcruising sailboats ever built Author Steve Henkel has researched hundreds of cruising sailboats less than 26 feet long–pocket cruisers–to create this definitive gallery and handbook of … Continue reading

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