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Brew Your Own Beer – Over 640 Thirst Quenching Beer Recipes!

Impress your friends and colleagues with your new-found beer making knowledge.

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The All American Book of Lists: A unique compendium of bizarre and fascinating facts from Alabama to Wyoming

The marvellous, extraordinary and bizarre facts behind our great country are laid out in this captivating book, guaranteed to delight all Americans and everyone with an interest in the United States. Thought-provoking, funny, and thoroughly fascinating, The American Book of … Continue reading

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Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-Religions

Were the Chinese the first to discover America in 1421? Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene have children together? Did extraterrestrials visit the earth during prehistory and teach humans how to build pyramids and stone structures? These are only a few … Continue reading

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World Famous Unsolved Mysteries

Thrillers have always fascinated the young and old alike. There is no clear-cut demarcation line between myth and history, or between appearance and reality.

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Don’t Know Much About Anything Else: Even More Things You Need to Know but Never Learned About People, Places, Events, and More! (Don’t Know Much About…)

For years, Kenneth C. Davis has enlightened and enthralled us, opening our minds and tickling our fancies with his wonderfully irreverent, fun, and factual Don’t Know Much About┬« books. He has carried readers on wild and edifying rides through history, … Continue reading

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The Encyclopedia of Useless Information

Discover what all the other encyclopedias leave out This is the superbly satisfying compendium of weird factoids too interesting to be contained in your average encyclopedia. Daring to cross-reference the un-cross-reference-able, to alphabetize what cannot be alphabetized, and to deliver … Continue reading

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Lost Histories: Exploring the World’s Most Famous Mysteries

In this cross-continental, time-traveling romp through history and mythology, readers can join the hunt for missing cities, treasures, people, and wrecks, all of which have vanished leaving only the faintest traces to show that they ever existed. Proving that real … Continue reading

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Imponderables(R): Science (Collins Gem) (Imponderables Books)

In gathering the most fascinating questions asked about science into a handy Gem format, pop culture guru David Feldman demystifies these and much more in Imponderables┬«: Science. Providing you with information you can’t find in encyclopedias, dictionaries, or almanacs, Science … Continue reading

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Astronomy Hacks: Tips and Tools for Observing the Night Sky

Why use the traditional approach to study the stars when you can turn computers, handheld devices, and telescopes into out-of-this-world stargazing tools? Whether you’re a first timer or an advanced hobbyist, you’ll find Astronomy Hacks both useful and fun. From … Continue reading

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Do Elephants Jump? (An Imponderables Book)

Ponder, if you will … Where do you find fascinating explanations for a multitude of mysteries? Why do pianos have 88 keys? How does the hole get in the needle of a syringe? Why is peanut butter sticky? Pop culture … Continue reading

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