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The Kabalah And The Tarot

THIS 9 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK: Doctrine and Literature of the Kabalah, by Arthur Edward Waite. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 1564592790.

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Methods for Exodus (Methods in Biblical Interpretation)

Methods for Exodus is a textbook on biblical methodology. The book introduces readers to six distinct methodologies that aid in the interpretation of the book of Exodus: literary and rhetorical, genre, source and redaction, liberation, feminist, and postcolonial criticisms. Describing … Continue reading

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Inner-Midrashic Introductions and Their Influence on Introductions to Medieval Rabbinic Bible Commentaries (Studia Judaica)

This collected volume publishes the contributions of numerous scholars to the International Symposium Humor in Arabic Culture, by the editor in July 2007 at the Free University of Berlin. First of all, a critical view is taken of early Muslim … Continue reading

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The Cambridge Companion to Darwin (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)

The naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin (1809-82) ranks as one of the most influential scientific thinkers of all time. In the nineteenth century his ideas about the history and diversity of life – including the evolutionary origin of humankind – … Continue reading

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Between Judaism and Christianity (Medieval Mediterranean)

The nineteen essays assembled in this Festschrift represent the multiplicity of interests evident in Elisabeth (Elisheva) Revel-Neher’s work. They cover a variety of subjects dealing with pictorial messages encrypted in various artistic media, and address a broad array of topics: … Continue reading

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A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

In a time of crisis, we need a guide to help us calm and stabilize our lives. This is why Kabbalah is being revealed to millions today. Kabbalah is a tool for bettering life, and A Guide to the Hidden … Continue reading

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American Religious Responses to Kristallnacht

Based on work conducted by scholars as part of a Summer Research Workshop organized by the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2007, this book takes a fresh look at how American Protestants, … Continue reading

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Kosher Food Production

The second edition of Kosher Food Production explores the intricate relationship between modern food production and related Kosher application. Following an introduction to basic Kosher laws, theory and practice, Rabbi Blech details the essential food production procedures required of modern … Continue reading

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Inventing God’s Law: How the Covenant Code of the Bible Used and Revised the Laws of Hammurabi

Most scholars believe that the numerous similarities between the Covenant Code (Exodus 20:23-23:19) and Mesopotamian law collections, especially the Laws of Hammurabi, which date to around 1750 BCE, are due to oral tradition that extended from the second to the … Continue reading

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Subverting Scriptures: Critical Reflections on the Use of the Bible

Focusing on writers who approach the Bible as a source that is both instructive and dangerous, Subverting Scriptures seeks to provide an academic analysis of cultural biblical saturation at a time when measured voices are necessary to counterbalance politically motivated … Continue reading

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