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Persepolis II: Contents of the Treasury and Other Discoveries (Oriental Institute Publications)

Persepolis II concludes the report on many seasons of excavations (1935-1939) at the site and is the first publication to adequately illustrate and discuss the pottery of the period, an essential addition to Achaemenian archaeological studies. Persepolis II mainly deals … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters and Cultural Change

Human cultures have been interacting with natural hazards since the dawn of time. This book explores these interactions in detail and revisits some famous catastrophes including the eruptions of Thera and Vesuvius. These studies demonstrate that diverse human cultures had … Continue reading

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Field Archaeology: An Introduction

Since its first publication, Field Archaeology: An Introduction has proved to be a key handbook for all those undertaking introductory courses in archaeology or volunteering on their first excavation. In this revised second edition, key developments in technology, theory and … Continue reading

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Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology

This fresh and engaging volume examines the evidence for masonry in ancient Egypt. Through a series of experiments with over two hundred replica tools, Stocks brings alive the methods and practices of ancient Egyptian craftworking.

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Integrating Zooarchaeology and Paleoethnobotany: A Consideration of Issues, Methods, and Cases

In recent years, scholars have emphasized the need for more holistic subsistence analyses, and collaborative publications towards this endeavor have become more numerous in the literature. However, there are relatively few attempts to qualitatively integrate zooarchaeological (animal) and paleoethnobotanical (plant) … Continue reading

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Art and Archaeology of Challuabamba, Ecuador

Challuabamba (ch?-wa-bamba)–now a developing suburb of Cuenca, the principal city in the southern highlands of Ecuador–has been known for a century as an ancient site that produced exceptionally fine pottery in great quantities. Suspecting that Challuabamban ceramics might provide a … Continue reading

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Death and the Classic Maya Kings (Linda Schele Series in Maya and Pre-Columbian Studies)

Like their regal counterparts in societies around the globe, ancient Maya rulers departed this world with elaborate burial ceremonies and lavish grave goods, which often included ceramics, red pigments, earflares, stingray spines, jades, pearls, obsidian blades, and mosaics. Archaeological investigation … Continue reading

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Electrochemical Methods in Archaeometry, Conservation and Restoration (Monographs in Electrochemistry)

Electrochemistry plays an important role in preserving our cultural heritage. For the first time this has been documented in the present volume. Coverage includes both electrochemical processes such as corrosion and electroanalytical techniques allowing to analyse micro- and nanosamples from … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Hominin Diets: Integrating Approaches to the Study of Palaeolithic Subsistence (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology)

This volume brings together new and important research from the top experts in hominid diets across multiple fields. The objective of the volume is to explore if there is a consensus between the different methods, allowing us to better understand … Continue reading

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Satellite Remote Sensing for Archaeology

This handbook is the first comprehensive overview of the field of satellite remote sensing for archaeology and how it can be applied to ongoing archaeological fieldwork projects across the globe. It provides a survey of the history and development of … Continue reading

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