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Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis (Praxis: Theory in Action)

Investigates the theory and practice of transnational feminist approaches to scholarship and activism.

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Women and Marriage in German Medieval Romance (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature)

In contrast to the widespread view that the Middle Ages were a static, unchanging period in which attitudes to women were uniformly negative, D. H. Green argues that around 1200 the conventional relationship between men and women was subject to … Continue reading

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Postfeminism: Cultural Texts and Theories

This book is the first introductory text on postfeminism. It provides an indispensable guide that both surveys and critically positions the main issues, theories and contemporary debates surrounding the term. The book analyzes postfeminism’s underpinnings and critical contexts, different definitions … Continue reading

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Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature: France and England, 1050-1230 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature)

Shedding new light on the representations of masculinity and same-sex desire in medieval literature, William Burgwinkle offers a historical survey of attitudes towards same-sex love during the Middle Ages. His studies of a wide range of texts reveal that medieval … Continue reading

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A Philosophical Investigation of Rape: The Making and Unmaking of the Feminine Self (Routledge Research in Gender and Society)

This book offers a critical feminist perspective on the widely debated topic of transitional justice and forgiveness. Louise Du Toit examines the phenomenon of rape with a feminist philosophical discourse concerning women’s or ‘feminine’ subjectivity and selfhood. She demonstrates how … Continue reading

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Domesticity and Dissent in the Seventeenth Century: English Women Writers and the Public Sphere

Katharine Gillespie examines writings by seventeenth-century English Puritan women who fought for religious freedom. Seeking the right to preach and prophesy, Katherine Chidley, Anna Trapnel, Elizabeth Poole, and Anne Wentworth envisioned the modern political principles of toleration and the separation … Continue reading

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Player HateHer: How to Avoid the Beat Down and Live in a Drama-Free World

At last, a humorous, anecdote-filled exploration of the many ways in which women stab each other in the back and talk about each other behind closed doors If you exhibit any of these traits, you may be guilty of being … Continue reading

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Pimps Up, Ho’s Down: Hip Hop’s Hold on Young Black Women

2007 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Emily Toth Award Pimps Up, Ho’s Down pulls at the threads of the intricately knotted issues surrounding young black women and hip hop culture. What unravels for Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting is a new, and … Continue reading

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The Cambridge Introduction to Sylvia Plath (Cambridge Introductions to Literature)

Sylvia Plath is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in twentieth-century Anglo-American literature and culture. Her work has constantly remained in print in the UK and US (and in numerous translated editions) since the appearance of her first … Continue reading

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Boudicca’s Heirs: Women in Early Britain

Affording a clearer depiction of women in the Late Iron Age and Roman Britain than currently exists, Dorothy Watts examines archaeological, inscriptional and literary evidence to present a unique assessment of women and their place during the Romanization of Britain. … Continue reading

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