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Information Sharing on the Semantic Web (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing)

Details recent research in areas such as ontology design for information integration, metadata generation and management, and representation and management of distributed ontologies. Provides decision support on the use of novel technologies, information about potential problems, and guidelines for the … Continue reading

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Handbook on Information Technologies for Education and Training (International Handbooks on Information Systems)

This handbook enables readers to gain a deep understanding of past, current, and forthcoming research and applications in the field of educational technology. Readers develop an in-depth understanding of complex theories, strategies, concepts, and methods underlying the design, development, implementation, … Continue reading

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The Making of Information Systems: Software Engineering and Management in a Globalized World

Information systems (IS) are the backbone of any organization today, supporting all major business processes. This book deals with the question: how do these systems come into existence? It gives a comprehensive coverage of managerial, methodological and technological aspects including: … Continue reading

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The Global Cybercrime Industry: Economic, Institutional and Strategic Perspectives

This book is about the global cybercrime industry, which according to some estimates, is a US$1 trillion industry and is growing rapidly. It examines economic and institutional processes in the cybercrime industry, provides insights into the entrepreneurial aspect of firms … Continue reading

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Metagraphs and Their Applications (Integrated Series in Information Systems)

This book details metagraph theory and its applications. It begins by defining a metagraph and its uses, which allow for the representation and analysis of more complex systems. The first part of the book develops the theoretical results with an … Continue reading

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Production Planning by Mixed Integer Programming (Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

This textbook provides a comprehensive modeling, reformulation and optimization approach for solving production planning and supply chain planning problems, covering topics from a basic introduction to planning systems, mixed integer programming (MIP) models and algorithms through the advanced description of … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Graphs and Fuzzy Hypergraphs (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)

The authors present an up-to-date account of results from fuzzy graph theory and fuzzy hypergraph theory and give applications of the results. The book should be of interest to research mathematicians and to engineers and computer scientists interested in applications. … Continue reading

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Intelligent Data Mining: Techniques and Applications (Studies in Computational Intelligence)

“Intelligent Data Mining – Techniques and Applications” is an organized edited collection of contributed chapters covering basic knowledge for intelligent systems and data mining, applications in economic and management, industrial engineering and other related industrial applications. The main objective of … Continue reading

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Enterprise Development with Flex: Best Practices for RIA Developers (Adobe Dev Lib)

If you want to use Adobe Flex to build production-quality Rich Internet Applications for the enterprise, this groundbreaking book shows you exactly what’s required. You’ll learn efficient techniques and best practices, and compare several frameworks and tools available for RIA … Continue reading

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Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software

People expect effortless, engaging interaction with desktop and web applications, but producing software that generates enjoyable user experiences is much harder than many companies anticipate. With Effective UI, you’ll learn proven user-experience strategies that will satisfy your clients and customers, … Continue reading

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